What is Ten Gate

Online Digital Solutions
& Marketing Agency

Built On Blockchain Technology.

TenGate Connects Your Business with Online Team Of Staff Working Around The Clock Developing & Managing Your Business Online.

At the end, Our aims focus to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Why Ten Gate

The Future of Memory

Simple Solutions for Complex Connections To Reach Better Over Time.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Built On Blockchain Tecnology To Guranatee an efficient, transparent, and reliable plaftrom.

Transparent Payments

Milestone payments only if 100% Satisfied , Supporting Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin.

Control Every Single Detail

Direct professional online Staff,Set Tasks & Goals To Meet your needs exactly as required.


Limitless Possibilities

Your Budget Your Project Connected With Our Professional Team Of Staff Working Around The Clock To Acheive Goals & Targets.

Business or Personal Informational Website

Get Your Information Website Exactly How you want it to look matching your Brand & colors.
-Showing Information Your Need To Show Your Visitors , Images , Videos , Location And More..
-Responsive To All Screens (Laptops , Tablets, Mobiles).

Complicated Applications & Web Development

Request Your Website Or Webapp Designed and Developed From Scratch With Details & Data Your Require. Represent Your Business Online Make It More Smart With More And More Features as wanted.

Branding & Graphic Design

Start Building Your Brand Logo and colors to let your business have it's own unique identity.
-Build Designs (2D , 3D , Animated , Videos) For your business on the go,
with same soul of your business branding.
-Get Your Paperwork & Stationary ready for market and mass production.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Paid Ads

Reach potential new customers with paid ads, clicks , and search engine optimization to make your business show first and reach more interested audience overtime.

Social Media Management

Keep your business active & interactive with customers and audience over social media channels.
-Powerfull designs and interactive posts and social ads.
-Responsive to followers messages, comments, and questions.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Development

Build your app idea with every detail needed & enhanced features.

Building your mobile application from design and development with high-quality iOS, Android and Hybrid applications to both start-ups and enterprise clients.

  • Ecommerce Applications.
  • Service Applications.
  • Informational Applicaitons.
  • Game Development.
  • Limit-Less Possibilities.

The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Our Team

The Leadership Team

TenGate Team combines a passion for Industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, Digital marketing & Design.

CEO & Founder

Amro Mustafa

CEO & Founder

He is the CEO & Founder of TenGate back in 2018.

Started as an online freelancer, focused on digital creative design for the early stage.

Rapidly moved to computer engineering and programming for years to a final focus on Blockchain development & programming.

Senior Marketing Executive

Ahmed Afifi

Senior Marketing Executive

He is the senior marketing executive leading TenGate team of marketers to reach better results and maintain growth overtime.

Marketing Strategy specialist with unique ability in defining product or brand's unique value proposition, target markets, pricing, and distribution.

Public Relations (PR) Executive

Sandy Sherif

Public Relations (PR) Executive

She is TenGate's Image representive and Public Relations (PR) Executive , with years of deep understanding of the media and journalism .

She typically write multiple press releases each day to various media representatives, introducing new products & announcing initiatives for TenGate and our clients.

Human Resources Executive

Joseph Harvey

Human Resources Executive

He is the Human Resources Executive & Creative Director Dealing with TenGate's Team in daily bases, Cheering and helping team members reach the best of themselves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of TenGate.
If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is TenGate?

TenGate is an Online Digital Agency built over unique blockchain platform, Helps in Managing Your Business Online , Branding , Graphic Design , Social Media Management , Web & Mobile Development , All The Way to Marketing And Promoting Your Business Online.

Only cryptocurrencies Supported?

TenGate now expands to support fiat currencies too, you can freely pay in (USD , EUR) or 10+ Supported cryptocurrencies (BTC,ETH,BURST,ETN,..and more).

How can I join TenGate?

It's Simple as contacting us using email or the chat button on bottom right corner, introduce your self, business, and let us know how we can collaborate and help you reach the best version of your business.

What is TenGate Online Platform?

The Online Platform Allows you to track your business growth and progress of your orders & Campaigns online, Direct Team with your comments and tasks to reach exactly what you want.

What is ICO?

Ico Stands for Initial Coin Offering , which is how funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency offering. It's similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) which raises funds when a new company ventures onto the stock market.

Why to Invest in TenGate?

Buying 10G8 Tokens at ico on january 2021 would be a great opportunity to support TenGate and buy the tokens at valuable price that will come to you with profit by time..

What is 10G8 Tokens?

10G8 Tokens is Crypto Tokens Based on ERC20 Ethereum , Which allows holder to share profit with TenGate company in Monthly Bases.

What is Tokens used for?

Tokens will be used as a currency over TenGate Plaftoms and partners, so users would be able to use it to pay for their purchases.

What is My Login credentials?

Your Username is Automatically Created by our team after contacting us through chat or email , an email is later sent to you so you can assign your password for the account.

How to Create new project?

Emailing us or chatting with TenGate team is the only way to start new project , you can asssign as many tasks and updates to any current project.

What is the Payment Methods?

Currently TenGate Accepts Money in Several Ways , Paypal is the most famous way to pay using (USD or EUR) , also paying in cryptocurrencies is always welcomed we support 10+ coins (CoinPayments).


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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