Technical Co‑Founder & CTO as a Service

Transform your concept into reality with zero-equity involvement. Our team handles everything from branding to app development.
–leave it to us for a worry-free journey
How it works

Simplifying Your Workflow

Say goodbye to unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies. Embrace our founder-friendly team at a fixed fee.

Build Essential MVPs

Avoid over-engineered products. Let us guide you in building an effective MVP, minimizing capital and time risks on the path to product-market fit.

Your Personal CTO

No unnecessary agency members or freelancer management headaches. Scale your team efficiently with our support, as we handle the process and team for you.

Maintain Control

Effortlessly oversee your project board. Monitor active, queued, and completed tasks at your convenience.

Exclusive Member Privileges

Unmatched Excellence – Your One-Stop Solution

Your Personal Task Hub

Easily manage your workload by adding, tracking, and organizing tasks with utmost convenience. Your personalized task hub for seamless productivity.

Equity Preservation

Retain 100% equity; there's no need to part with your ownership unless you willingly choose to do so. Your ideas, your equity.

Predictable Pricing

Bid farewell to surprises! Extend your financial runway with a fixed monthly price, ensuring transparency and predictability for a comprehensive suite of services.

Unlimited Requests

Empower your workflow by adding as many requests as you want. Our team is poised to pick them up promptly, ensuring a steady progression of your projects.

Swift Turnaround

Experience the efficiency of our team as tasks get completed in just a few days on average. We iterate until your satisfaction is achieved, ensuring a refined end result.

Team Collaboration

Foster teamwork by inviting your team members to join in, submit requests, and effortlessly keep an eye on their progress. Seamless collaboration for enhanced productivity.

Full IP Ownership

We work for you, guaranteeing that you own 100% of the source materials and intellectual property. Your creations, your ownership – no questions asked.

Ad-Hoc Sync Calls

Connect with an actual human for spontaneous syncs, brainstorming, demos, and planning. Real-time communication for a more personalized experience.

Flexible and Scalable

Seamlessly scale your operations with our support. When it's time to grow, we assist in finding, onboarding, and managing skilled developers.

Website Development

Craft your information website precisely to match your brand identity, styling, and colors. Built from scratch with high performance and loading speed, showcase the information you need for your visitors – images, videos, location, and more integrations as required. All websites are responsive to all screens (laptops, tablets, mobiles).

Web Application

Request the design and development of your website or web app from scratch, tailored to your specific details and data requirements. Elevate your online business presence with smart features tailored to your needs.

Branding & Graphic Design

Initiate the building of your brand with a unique logo and colors, giving your business its distinctive identity. Develop designs (2D, 3D, animated, videos) that resonate with the soul of your business branding. Prepare your paperwork and stationary for market and mass production.

Social Media Management

Keep your business active and interactive across social media channels. Our services include powerful designs, engaging posts, and social ads. We ensure responsiveness to followers’ messages, comments, and questions for a dynamic online presence.

Marketing And Ads

Elevate your business with strategic marketing and eye-catching advertisements. Our team specializes in creating effective campaigns that drive engagement and boost your brand presence.

Mobile Development

Craft your app idea with intricate details and supercharged features.

We turn your mobile application dreams into reality – from design to development, delivering top-notch iOS, Android, and Hybrid applications for both startups and enterprise clients.

Scope of work

Comprehensive Capabilities

Boasting a collective century of experience, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project, fueled by an enduring passion for excellence.
Diverse Collaborations
Membership Levels

Tailored Plans to Suit Your Ambitions

Whether you’re embarking on a new venture or steering an established business, we offer customized plans to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI).
What’s included

Simple, all-inclusive Transparent Pricing

$5,250 / mo
Let’s set up a call to delve into your unique needs and discuss how we can assist you in achieving your goals.
Got questions? We have the answers

Frequently asked questions

Our service offers a cost-effective alternative to the annual expense of hiring a full-time CTO, which can exceed $250,000, plus stock options. Finding an available candidate with the right expertise can be challenging. Additionally, giving up a significant portion of your company for a technical co-founder may not align with your startup goals. With us, you get the same expertise and experience at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing equity. Plus, you have the flexibility to cancel or pause your subscription at any time.
Upon subscription, you’ll promptly receive an email containing a link to your personalized task board within one business day. Your first task will involve signing a confidentiality agreement. We’ll also schedule a call to gain insights into your business, discuss your initial request, and establish a better understanding of your needs.
No limits! Once subscribed, feel free to add as many requests to your queue as you’d like. We handle them methodically, one by one.
Task completion times vary depending on complexity. However, on average, most requests are fulfilled within 1-3 business days.
TenGate was founded by Amro Mustafa (Zack), a seasoned software engineer with over two decades of experience. Zack has successfully collaborated with companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, aiding them in building and scaling their products.
The pause feature is designed for flexibility. If you find you don’t need a full month of service, you can pause your subscription. Billing cycles are monthly, based on 22 working days. For instance, if you use the service for 15 days and decide to pause, the billing cycle is paused, leaving seven days of service for future use.
We’re versatile in our tech stack, including Node.js, Python, PHP, Bash, Go, React, Vue, Alpine.js, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and GitHub. For UX/UI, we utilize Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.
Upon signing up, you’ll receive a dedicated task board. Feel free to add requests, communicate with us, and track progress. Whether it’s attaching Google docs, wireframes, or a brief Loom video, anything that can be linked or shared on your task board is fair game. Feel free to let me know if these adjustments align with your preferences or if you have any specific modifications in mind!

Software Solutions & Marketing Agency

Built over blockchain technology

TenGate Connects Your Business with Online Team Of Staff Working Around The Clock Developing & Managing YourBusiness Online.

At the end, Our aims focus to integrate all companies,employees, and business assets into a unified blockchainecosystem, which will make business truly efficient,transparent, and reliable.


Open a gate for your imagination

Simple Solutions for Complex Connections To Reach Better Over Time.

Blockchain Infrastructure
Built On Blockchain Tecnology To Guranatee an efficient, transparent, and reliable plaftrom.
Transparent Payments

Milestone payments only if 100% Satisfied , Supporting Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin.

Control Every Single Detail
Direct professional online Staff,Set Tasks & Goals To Meet your needs exactly as required.

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