TenGate Media Kit

Get to Know How to Represent Us Properly in Your Promotional Material.

TenGate Branding

When using the logo, keep all of its proper elements intact and do not alter them in any way. This means that distorting, stretching, changing colors, changing fonts, adding or removing any part of the logo, cobranding with another company or the addition of extra effects are forbidden.
Outlined badge on dark (preferred)
Filled badge on dark
Outlined badge on light (preferred)
Filled badge on light

Best practices when using our badge

TenGate Colors

TenGate is associated with the following colors.
TenGate Blue
rgb(140, 191, 254)
TenGate Violete
rgb(132, 124, 230)
TenGate Black
rgb(2, 3, 3)

TenGate TypeFace

TenGate uses Roboto as a main typeface. For the purpose of displaying icons we use FontAwesome.

Banners and Graphics

If you want to promote TenGate on your blog, forum or news site, you are welcome to use the prepared graphic material. If you are interested in some other form of graphic material or have any media-related questions, reach out to us at [email protected].